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WH-WZF The aliphatic superplasticizer

  • 產品性能特點

WH-WZF The aliphatic  superplasticizer

 Properties, Features & Characteristics:

1High water reducing.

the water reducing can reach to 15%-25% with the dosage of 0.4-1.0%,or  25%-30% cement can be saved.

2、It has obvious effect for Early-strength .the strength Can be increased by 60-70% within three days ; 100% within seven days and 30-40% within 28days .

3、It has good adaptablility with cement,and can get better result if mixing with naphthalene superplasticizer.

4、This product can significantly improve the freeze -thaw resistance  ,impermeability , resistance to sulfate erosion,the durability of the concrete  

5、Remixing with naphthalene superplasticizer can make C 15- C 60 pumping concrete and big size concrete .

6、This superplasticizer no toxic ,no corrosion for steel .no sodium sulfate crystallization in winter for B and C type.

 main ingredient and technical index

1、  main components sodium sulphonate acetone formaldehyde 

scope of application

1、Can make normal or high strength concrete ,pumping concrete ,high slump concrete and self-leveling concrete 
、Has good adaption for portland concrete ,normal portland cement ,slag cement and fly ash cement .
、mixing with naphthalene superplasticizer can get better result for water reducing and superplasticization

Recommended range of dosage

According to the different strength and range of application ,the dosage can be 0.4-1.0% of cementing material ,recommended dosage is 0.6% (based of cementing materials )


Powder will be packaged in woven bag with net weight 25kg/40kgs/650 kgs ,liquid will be loaded into plastic barrel,metal barrel with net weight 200kg,1000kg,also can be loaded into flexibag with net weight of 20 MT.

Storage conditions and period of validity

Powder products should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse,the quality guarantee is for one year under normal storage condition,and liquid should be for half one year.if storage has surpassed the time, test must be done to confirm the validity

Method of use

1、Mixing by cement sand and stone together first,then added water and stirring completely.

2、Because of large water reducing ,before the initial setting of concrete ,there will be covering yellow slurry on the surface ,then need polished for second time.curing by spraying water on time can remove this yellow slurry and not decrease the inner and surface effection.

 matters needing attention

1、If first time to use this product or changing of other raw material , decide the dosage after test .
、if using liquid ,please deduce the water content in the this product.

Safety tips

1the product is lightly alkaline ,non-toxic,non-corrosive,not edible,when exposed to body and eyes ,wash with water as soon as possible,caused by allergies should be medical treatment timely.

2the product is finess ,prone to dust when used ,should wear a mask,gloves and other protective equipment.

Technical consultation
  This data is only for reference ,If more information, pls contact with our technic department freely.

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