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WH-HDS Aminosulfonate-based Superplasticizer

  • 產品性能特點

WH-HDS Aminosulfonate-based Superplasticizer

▲Properties, Features & Characteristics:

1The main ingredient of this product is Amino-Arylsulphonate phenol Formaldehyde Condensate.

2The product is non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable and non-corrosive to steel bars. It is particularly suitable to be used as base material for compound admixtures.

3The product, with non-chlorine and low-alkali, has the properties of high dispersion, low air content, non-air-entraining, high-range water reducing and early-strength improving. It is widely used in pre-cast & ready-mixed concrete, armored concrete and pre-stressed reinforced concrete for large construction projects such as dam and port construction, road building and dwelling house erection etc. It can be used for C60-C80 high performance or super performance concrete.

4The product can improve the fluidity of the concrete and increase the durability such as impermeability, carbonation resistance and frost resistance. It is indispensable material for the making of high-strength concrete, early-strength concrete, fluidized concrete, precasting curing concrete and pre-stressed concrete.

5It is compatible with a far greater range of cement types and mineral admixtures. It provides maximal water reduction, excellent slump retention, increased early strength, and improved finishing characteristics and strengthening and particularly fits for the preparation of high durability concrete and self-compacting concrete with fly ash and ground slag.

6It is specially suitable to the production of high-durability concrete, high flowability concrete, high workability concrete, ready-mixed concrete, self-compacting concrete and high-compressive-strength concrete.


1The suitable dosage for powder ranges from 0.4 % to 2.0%. The recommended blend dosage is 1.5 % by the total weight of cementitious materials. And the suitable blend dosage for liquid ranges from 0.9 % to 2.75%. The recommended blend dosage is 2.1% by the total weight of cementitious materials. And users can determine the optimal dosage according to the concrete conditions of the user after trials and other special needs.

2The product is dissolved either together with water or after the addition of water. It shows more effective when it is dissolved after the addition of water. Do not add it directly into wet aggregate.

3When using the powdery product, the user should wear face masks, gloves and other protective products.

4This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, but inedible. When it contacts with eyes or skin, the affected area shall be immediately rinsed with plenty of water for minutes. Consult physician if irritation persists.

5The product is valid for one year. If it exceeds the validity, it must be tested before deciding to continue to use it or not.

▲Packing & Storage:

1The powdery product is packed in the waterproofing woven bag with plastic liner and the net weight is25Kg or 40KG per bag or 650MT per big bag .It doesn’t degenerate within its shelf life. The powdery product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse. Pay attention not to stave the bag and keep waterproofing during the storage and transportation. If it is affected with damp and agglomeration, it can be dissolved into liquid state or crushed into powder before using it and there is no influence on the performances.

2The liquid product is sealed in plastic drums or metal drums to prevent accidental leakage and evaporation. And the net weight is 200Kg or 1000KG per drum. Also can be loaded into flexibag with net weight 20MT.

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