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WH-FDN-AⅡ-A1 Slump Retention Naphthalene Superplasticizer

  • 產品性能特點

   Product Performance characteristics

1、The main ingredient of this product is β -naphthalene sulfonate  formaldehyde condensate,we have liquid and solid,solid is  brown powder,solid is dark brown.No toxic、No corrosion.

2、the water reducing of this product can reach from 14-28%,can obviously improve the concrete physical performance,especially for early strength,also can improve last strength,its compressiontensileanti-braking and elastic modulus.at same condition, it can save cement by 10-20%.

3、can obviously improve the cement materials workability ,fluidity and slump retention.

4、can improve anti-permeability and anti-freezing of the concrete.low alkali content.

5、this product has good adaptability for portland cement、common portland cement、slag cement and fly ash cement.

6、can get better performance for water reducing and slump retention by mixing with  aliphatic water reducing admixture and aminosulfonate admixture.

   Usage application

1、suitable to produce the precast and on-site concreteferroconcrete prestressed concrete under 80 C of the industrial and civil construction water conservancyportmayor project.

2、suitable to produce pumping concrete、high fluidity concrete、self-leveling concrete and steamed concrete.

3、suitable for the long-lastinglong-stable large reservoirlarge bridgehigh level building of nation key projections.

   Recommended dosage

Normal dosage is from 0.5-1.2%,suitable dosage is 0.75%,people can choice best dosage by test according to the adaptability of admixture and cement.our factory can supply the technical data of dosage and match ratio as reference freely.


1、powder product can be packed by woven bag with plastic liner and moisture proof paper bag of 25kg、40kg、1000kg;liquid can be loaded into plastic barrel、iron drum; and also can be with 20MT flexibag.

2、rain proof and moisture proof while transportation,anti-caking. To be sealed when used iron drum for preventing leaking.

   Storage term and validity period

    Powder should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.if caking because of moisture, only can be used after crashed into demanded fineness or solvent into to liquid.if overdue, must be used only after test. 

The validity is for 2 years.

   Use method

1、liquid can be used directly. Put into mixer with cementing material、water ,then stirring.

2、powder will be made to demanded concentration solution first, then use. Also can be added directly, but must more time for stirring.

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